Strengthening Senior Leadership

In the business world, a company’s strength often hinges on its senior leadership capabilities. Poor decision-making or interpersonal skills at this level can lead to high turnover rates and subpar organizational performance. This article provides a comprehensive guide on bolstering senior leadership, and management skills, drawing upon expert insights and proven strategies.

The Importance of Leadership Development

Just as it’s crucial to provide training for employees, pursuing leadership development is equally important. This section will explore why leadership development is vital to a successful business.

The Art of Meaningful Delegation

One of the first steps in improving the management capacity of any senior leader is to encourage meaningful delegation. This builds trust with team members and new leaders and provides developmental opportunities.

Owning Their Area of Specialization

Allowing senior leadership members to innovate and “own” their area of specialization can lead to out-of-the-box thinking, calculated risk-taking, and overall productivity and effectiveness.

Interactive Management Reviews and Understanding Impact

Transparency is key in any organization. Interactive quarterly management reviews can provide experiential wisdom in a timely and conversational way, empowering leaders with information that prepares them for similar situations.

Understanding the impact of their decisions is also crucial for leaders. They influence culture, which in turn empowers people and drives business outcomes.

Promoting Two-Way Communication and Employee Engagement

Leaders can enhance their management skills through recognition and employee engagement. Cultivating an inclusive workplace that promotes two-way communication is essential.

The Power of 360-Degree Reviews and Professional Coaches

360-degree reviews can provide a well-rounded view of what leaders need to improve. Professional coaches and assessment tools can also be invaluable resources.

Empowering Leaders and Defining Leadership Standards

Empowering leaders to implement new ideas and encouraging change can create an environment that cultivates leaders from within and gives everyone a voice. Defining expectations regarding leadership style sets a measurable standard for the entire company.


In conclusion, strengthening senior leadership and management skill is a multifaceted process that requires a combination of strategies. From promoting meaningful delegation to investing in professional coaches, each approach plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of senior leaders.

Recommended Learning Resources

In addition to the strategies discussed above, there are numerous resources available that can further aid in strengthening senior leadership’s management skills. Here are a few recommended ones:


  1. “The Art of Leadership” by Michael Lopp1. This book provides practical, experience-based insights into becoming a better leader, focusing on developing managerial skills.
  2. “Leadership: Theory and Practice” by Peter G. Northouse2. This book comprehensively surveys the major theories and research on leadership and managerial effectiveness in formal organizations.

Online Courses

  1. “Leadership in Practice” on Coursera3. This course offers practical leadership and management lessons from top business leaders.
  2. “Strategic Leadership and Management” on edX4. This course provides a deep dive into strategic leadership and management, teaching how to lead and manage teams effectively.


  1. “The Look & Sound of Leadership” by Tom Henschel5. This Podcast provides essential leadership communication tips and techniques.
  2. “The Leadership Podcast” by Jan Rutherford and Jim Vaselopulos6. This Podcast features interviews with top leaders sharing their insights and experiences.


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