I really enjoyed learning about the RAS.  Now I am clear on why preplanning is important and why I should create an agenda for all of my meetings.  Knowing how I want things to turn out in advance is a great little secret.

Steve Decker

Learning the power of flexibility in my communication made an immediate impact on one of my direct reports during our lunch break.  Who knew, that speaking in the language that NEEDS to be heard is critical and powerful. But, most importantly it saves time and headaches.

Maggie M.

Understanding the difference between what my feelings are and what my obligations is made the class worthwhile all by itself. It created a better feeling in me about being overly friendly with my team just so that they will like me. When you shared the story about your Father, it really made the difference.

David Loc

Staying out of HR trouble has always been an issue for me.  Learning to speak in the language that needs to be heard maybe a career saver.

Stacey Archuleta