Socrates once said, “The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.” (“The greatest way to live with honor in this world …”) 

This quote implies that unhappiness arises from a lack of self-awareness and appreciation. It becomes difficult to find contentment without knowing what we need and who we are. This article will discuss the importance of appreciation and how it can help us achieve happiness. 

The Need for Appreciation 

We are familiar with the feeling of not being satisfied despite having all our needs met. We often lose sight of what we already have and instead focus on what we do not have. This mindset is highly detrimental to our well-being and can cause constant unhappiness. To counter this inclination, we need to take time each day to appreciate all the good things in our lives. This could mean taking time each morning to write down two or three things you are grateful for or dedicating an entire day each week just for reflection and appreciation. Doing so will give you perspective on all that you already have, which helps cultivate feelings of joy and contentment rather than longing or sadness.

What Else Can Help Us Find Happiness? 

It is also essential to consider alternative routes towards achieving happiness, such as pursuing non-material possessions like knowledge or experiences rather than physical items like clothes or cars. It is also beneficial to change our perception of external sources; instead of thinking about what we do not have, try thinking about how much we already have, even if it is not as much as others may have around us. Finally, ensure that whatever route you choose toward finding happiness aligns with your values and goals to remain motivated throughout the process.


Humans are Never Content

Socrates famously argued that humans are never satisfied with what they have and are constantly pursuing something more. According to Socrates, pursuing more is simply a human condition that leads to unhappiness as individuals try in vain to achieve greater satisfaction. He contended that happiness could not be found in the accumulation of material objects or advancement within society; instead, it can only come from finding the right balance in life and discovering the true meaning of existence. Although pursuing more has long been viewed as an impetus for progress, it is also seen to cause dissatisfaction unless accompanied by moderation and self-awareness.

Appreciate Now

Learning to appreciate what we have is an invaluable life skill that can benefit us throughout our lives. It encourages us to be thankful for the little things, which can help prevent feelings of dissatisfaction or entitlement. Practicing this skill helps us recognize our privileges, show gratitude, and find joy in everyday moments we might otherwise overlook. This mindset serves as a reminder that there is something to be admired in any situation, no matter how small. Appreciating what you have and striving for contentment teaches us perspective and resilience – fundamentals that are key to finding true happiness.

Routine of Thoughts

If you have ever felt stuck in an unfulfilling routine and thought that obtaining a new job, relationship, or financial goal would give you lasting satisfaction. It is time to take a step back and consider if changing your outlook could be more beneficial than external fixes. The truth is that many of us forget how much power we have as individuals to control our thoughts and emotions. We cannot control what happens around us all the time, but we can adjust our reactions to those events by cultivating a positive mindset whenever possible. Feeling contentment is often more about re-framing one’s perspective than possessing any tangible item or goal. Being grateful for what you already have instead of constantly yearning for something else can be incredibly liberating!


Appreciating what we already have can help us find true happiness by providing a sense of perspective on all that we have rather than focusing on what we do not have. While there are many other paths one can take towards achieving satisfaction, appreciation should always be the foundation upon which other methods build so that one remains grounded amidst a sea of materialism and consumerism-driven desires for more. With perseverance and dedication, anyone can achieve true happiness by taking the time each day to appreciate all they possess—both physically and emotionally!