The Thinking Person’s Challenge.

What do you know absolutely for sure what do you notice a fact and it cannot be debated?

Here is your challenge write it down and then write down three arguments that make that will call that backed into question.


Our manufacturing processes are correct and have worked over the past 200 years. We are known for our quality and attention to detail. There is no reason to change it.

  1. Technology has changed in the last 200 years, and there may be ways to take that technology and apply it to today without lowering our quality.
  2. The environment has changed. We now have more pollution and a larger carbon footprint which may cause a change in the quality of our product.
  3. There are several steps in this process that repeat, and maybe a machine can do it better and faster and safer.

My favorite news outlet is saying this about today’s issues, and I agree.




My employee does not care about this company; they only care about themselves.

  1. They are a family person, so they care about them
  2. They do not have the skills to be a good corporate citizen because they do not know why it makes a difference.
  3. They do not understand the effect they are having on people.          

To challenge your assumptions is smart thinking.  Will you do it?