ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)

An unhealthy Basal Ganglia will create ANTs. When you prepare for your day and find yourself with a few too many ANTs you will need to repair your Basal Ganglia. 

 Joe is a leader in a large company and has a very powerful message to share with his team.  As Joe is writing his notes for his keynote, he keeps on having automatic negative thoughts of failure. Failure on how people understand his message, failure with his diction, people falling asleep during his talk. ANTs. All of these ANTs continue to run wild in his mind as he creates his talk and prepares. 

Jessica has a different mindset about her work as a photographer.  Before she puts pen to paper she looks to the future and sees the photo shoot going exactly as she wants it to go.  Everything, from having the perfect natural lighting to even the in-laws being happy.  Jessica takes the time to see the future in a relaxed state of mind before the start of her planning of the project.

Have you ever had to speak in front of more than 17,000 people?

What was your reaction to that question?  How did your mind and body react to it?  Did any ANTs show up?

Visualize yourself giving the perfect talk. See 17,000 people coming to their feet all at once to applaud you.  Visualize everything going perfectly.  Do this twice the night before the event and watch how much better you do.

Your Basal Ganglia will need some training to kill the ANTs.  The fastest way to make this happen is to create a daily practice of relaxation. Take twenty to thirty minutes each day to train your Basal Ganglia. Teach your body and mind to relax. When you create a regimen of relaxation you will also find your body doing better.

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