Fellow citizens we cannot escape history.  For this day, today, is the day we will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No matter how you view yourself as a person whether it is a person of significance or insignificance, none of us will be spared from this judgment of our fiery trail. A fiery trail that we must face and will be judged by all future generations of Americans.

This great nation’s founding documents state we are for justice, liberty, and equality for all. The world has not forgotten what we have said.

Our children will certainly not forget what we have said and will remember and judge our actions.

It is time for us to save our nation.

Vote to end hate, vote to end Tierney, vote to end laws that are a sin against humans

Vote to save our Nation

The world sits in judgment of us. The world waits to see if this nation will survive. Some Nations hoping that we will survive and some hoping that we will not survive.

 Although we do not care about the world as much as we care about the next generations of Americans.

We here today hold the power and the responsibility.