Hardy Smith, President of Hardy Smith Consulting, recently posted an article on Leadership Lessons.  He takes the time to share insights from Hall of Famers from different sports.

Bill France, Sr and Jr. NASCAR Hall of Fame
Les Richter College and Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jim Hunter NASCAR Hall of Fame
Steve Ridder NAIA Basketball Hall of Fame

Consider the following for your Leadership Style:

  • Being visionary while still paying attention to the smallest of details
  • Having a willingness to sacrifice short-term outcomes for long-lasting results
  • Being willing to pitch in and help get a job done, regardless of how menial the task
  • Possessing an unrelenting work ethic—especially when focused on a difficult challenge—and a commitment to anyone or any task, always going all-in
  • Setting high expectations for themselves and those working with them
  • Being 100 percent authentic and not forgetting where they came from
  • Always following through on commitments

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