Hunger Hurts Kids Every Day
Your Donation Helps Feed Them

Today, 1 in 8 kids is at risk of hunger in America, which is why dedicated No Kid Hungry donors created the Brighter Futures Fund (BFF). The idea behind the fund is simple yet effective: any donation made to the fund becomes part of a dollar-for-dollar match that will be used to inspire new support for ending childhood hunger. Give to the Bright Futures Fund today and motivate other donors to match your contribution.

All kids deserve the food they need to ensure a bright future. Your generosity can help the 1 in 6 kids who face hunger in America. And when you donate you will help build the Brighter Futures Fund, inspiring others to give in the future. Join the compassionate group of donors who make this fund possible today.

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Macie hosted a bake sale at an ‘Art in the Park’ vendor fair, which was an event to help support small businesses thrive through the pandemic and get local schools involved by hosting an art contest. The entire event was hosted safely outside and was socially distanced.

Macie ended up having four friends participate by baking and hosting the bake sale with her in the park. “I like asking my friends to help bake to get others involved in giving back. I always try to get as many people involved as possible.”

Macie shared some tips for a successful bake sale. For her social media was essential.

“You want everyone to know you’re having a bake and how they can support it. It is best to cut or bake items in a larger size and individually wrap them. People like items that are familiar to them, so you don’t need to bake fancy items, and items that are easy to pick up and eat or carry with them.”

She also expressed her enthusiasm for baking and helping hungry kids.

“The best part about hosting a bake sale is seeing the difference you get to make! Counting your profits at the end of the day knowing your hard work paid off. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to not have food to eat. I get hangry when I miss a snack. Kids need food to do good at school and activities. This is why I bake!”