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Glenn E Daniels II:

So, that comes to my first question that came to my mind when we’re listening to this because things are changing are volatile. Why is it that some organizations just refuse to make that change?

Dr. Nadya:
There’s a lot of reasons for that. And the biggest reason as we were doing our research, we understood that it comes down to the fundamental shift in the way the global human family operates. And that is, for a very long period of time for about 200 years, we lived in an area of relative stability. So if you look at business, for example, the average life cycle of a business model in the 20th century was about 75 years, what does that mean? It means you can make money in about the same way for 75 years, without needing to change it. And that’s why most of our management theory and most of the way we run organizations, and also the most things we teach in basic school, is all about stability. It’s about managing stability, and it’s about control. Because that’s what you want to do when stability is the key when that is your ultimate criteria of success, right? Right. Predictability, reliability, stability, and so on. So most of the strategy, most of the theories such as supply chain management, just in time management, and so on, most of traditional command and control management is all about stability. And therefore, we have a mindset that doesn’t match the reality, we keep using the tools of the old system and the old paradigm, while the world is no longer there. Because today, the median life cycle of a business model, according to our 2020 research is just six years. So before you could do the same thing for 75 years now, you can do it for just a few years before you need to ring that. You know, though
the challenge to me with those statistics is that that’s been in place for 20 years now. We’ve been in this situation where things are changing exponentially every year. If you’re gonna be there, you don’t have 75 years. The power structure is changing. But we have so much resistance to that.

Yeah. Because we’re not taking seriously the fundamentals that have to change. So how we teach kids at school has to change. What we do at work has to change. There is a monumental shift happening. It takes time and 20 years is not that long to transition to a whole new mindset globally. So we’re making an effort. And of course, I’m happy to say that reinvention Academy in my own work is dedicated to that effort and whim in big movements. But it will take time.

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