Glenn Daniels
Before I go on, because that book, Aladdin factor, that was a wonderful book, a wonderful book, and I think we forget that “Ask to Get”. And that’s what we’re basically saying, when you were getting this journey started. How do you ask for it? Or did you ask for this role into your life?

Gary Barnes
And you got it? You know, yeah, no, it wasn’t an easy train. It wasn’t swallows, you know, whatever color cow, and everything became clear. And it was a matter of adjustments. There’s one of my Gary isms that I called launch and adjust. And it’s really taking the best course of action and whatever the situation is that you find yourself. But if we didn’t make the mistakes, we wouldn’t have positive results. JOHN Maxwell talks about that we all fail faster and fail forward. And the idea of success is also finding out what doesn’t work. One of my very first exams that I produced, was back in the 70s. And back then I actually lost $30,000 because nobody came. And somebody you probably remember Derek really was going to be one of my keynote speakers. Yes. And today’s money. That’s over. $90,000. And, you know, my wife did not reverse me. That’s a win. And you know, but if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be doing many of the things that I do today, because I wouldn’t have had the ability to know what to do or what not to do. And sometimes that’s more important than knowing what to do is, is going back and say, Okay, let’s not do that, again, because they didn’t give me the results that I want.


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