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ood morning, everybody. And I know it may not be what you think is morning time where you are, but it’s morning time, so get over it. We welcome our guest today, OEA Shk. Now she is a c e O of a company called O K S Markets. It’s a boutique-style marketing firm that currently offers high signature courses to corporate organic for corporate organic growth.

Now she’s been an executive of Credit Karma, LendingTree, and other household brands. But I think as we go throughout the day, we’ll find out her specialty is organic growth. So we’ll get into that, and I wanna welcome you very much for taking the time to hang out with us today. I told you in our pre-talk that this will be more for me than I think for the audience because we’re just now really starting to push this organic growth, saying, why pay more money?

But before we really get into that, I wanna ask you this first question, and that is when people go to your LinkedIn page, or they go find information about you. They’re [00:01:00] reading, getting some good information, but what is not there that you think they should know about? What is not there that you think they should know about you?

It could be personal. It could be business, but what do you think they don’t know they should get? Maybe it’s not there in my LinkedIn profile, but I am African, and I or I’m originally from Congo, d r c, So that is not there. That I would I would love for everyone to know.

I think that’s good to know. Actually, I’ll drop, no, I can’t one-up you, but my assistant, she’s originally from Zimbabwe, so she what? So she’s proud of that, and I’m proud of her for being proud. I’m originally from the most fantastic city in the world, and I still live there. So that’s all it needs to be said.

The most fantastic city in the world. What city are you in right now? I am in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ok, Charlotte, North Carolina, will be there shortly on a one-day speak, but that’ll be fine. And I’m in Denver, Colorado. For those of you who might not connect, [00:02:00] that’s the most fantastic city in the world. If you ever get out here, Charlotte is beautiful, though I’ve never been to Colorado. I would love to go. I would love to go. If you’re not a cold-weather person, this is not the time to go.

But if you like skiing and snow and just that environment, it’s the time to go. I think your kids will love it. Just because I watched my grandson yesterday, I couldn’t help but get in the snow. Just had to get in the snow and clean off the sidewalks. It wouldn’t be a problem. But he had to go get in the snow and play in the up, having a snowball fight, which he won.

But anyway, about that. Tell me, when you talk about this organic growth and these different things, why is creating an online presence significant anyway. Online presence, online content. Why is that so important? I. Creating an online presence is critically important because when you [00:03:00] study where our consumer behaviors are going and where things are changing, you will realize that if you do not show up and search, you are slowly dying. And that’s where, that’s why I, that’s what made me jump out of my corporate seat. I realized a trend at Credit Karma at LendingTree. What they primarily are known for is market lead generation. So we study the market at large, what the masses are doing, and then we try to.

Create a personalized experience for each consumer. So when you have all of that data, and you sit with it, you understand that the small businesses that couldn’t afford to hire a person like me, 200, 100, $200,000, you are slowly going to become extinct. And that was the scariest part of working for corporate that I immediately knew.

Hardworking people like [00:04:00] my mom, who’s owned a business for 20 years, who has come here as an immigrant to scale her business too, over a million dollar in pro million dollars in profit. That the harder that she worked because she didn’t know how to use the technology, the more money that she would be giving away to the middleman.

That’s a part of the reason why creating an online engagement or online having an online audience is so important is that the data is screaming. That if small businesses, personal brands, and people that want to engage in business online don’t come online in a strategic way, it’s either you’re adapting, or you’re dying. And for the most part, for most businesses, what I see is the dying part, unfortunately. Is that because people are getting into it too late or starting real or afraid of it? I’ll tell you the truth, and I wouldn’t say I liked it. I don’t like the idea of producing material every day. Although we’ve found some shortcuts, and that’s called hiring somebody else to help you do it.

But yeah, absolutely. It’s really because, as you [00:05:00] said, there is friction there, especially with the generation, even myself. I’m Mil, and I’m a millennial. It’s hard. Put yourself out there consistently and create consistent content. But one of the things that I found that were most frustrating is that most people don’t really understand how search engines work.

They don’t understand how it works, and so that means that they can’t show up strategically online. And so when you mix not understanding how search engines work and then having to create content for a search engine and for people, that just breeds a whole bunch of frustration. So people are just like, you know what?

Let’s just nix it. I’m just gonna hire someone. And nine times out 10, the person that you’re hiring really doesn’t have a strict strategy just yet. And so that’s what I found to be the most frustrating thing, even when I’m when I was talking to senior level executives at Credit Karma Lending Tree guaranteed rate nine times outta 10, a lot of the times that I would spend with executives would be, would just be [00:06:00] educating.

On how a search engine works and how the business should adapt to it. It’s critical. The number one thing is just strategy. You have to have a strategy. You have to have someone to be able to walk you through it. If you try to piecemeal it, there are just many moving parts. There are too many moving parts. There are too many moving parts, and let’s, like I said, brief when we talked and started the show. This will be coaching for me more than anybody else, I think in the audience, cuz I’m confused about the strategy. In one place, they talk about you should have them, you should be, seven to 10 pieces of content every single day, including shorts and other places.

Say once a week is good enough. So I hear once a week for LinkedIn or seven to 10 times for LinkedIn or YouTube. No, I don’t know. So I’m not asking you to gimme a strategy cause you don’t quite know what we’re doing, but how do you plan that type of strategy? That’s what I’d like to know. How do you plan that type of strategy?

So the question really is, and I’ll shortcut it this time a little bit, do you have the strategy, planning, the strategy? I sometimes hear only once a week; sometimes I hear you just post seven days a week. It’s different between LinkedIn and YouTube, and Instagram. I hear that TikTok is considered a, a vi, a security risk. And so if you have government clients, you shouldn’t use it. I’m not asking you for a plan cause you don’t know my company, but what is the best way now that hopefully you still hear me? What’s the best way to plan that? Yes.

So go ahead and give me the strategy for planning a game plan. Ok. so one of them, yes. So one of the things that I always preach is you wanna start with your website first.

The [00:09:00] reason why you wanna start with your website and really focus on mastering one. One search. Can you hear me? Yes. I don’t know if this is coming in and out. Yeah, it is coming in and out, but we’ll be ok. We’ll edit all this out. Ok. So you wanna start with your website first? Ok. So the reason why you want to start with your website first is that Google has about, in January of 2022, Google did about 89 billion searches online. That is compared to every other platform. That is the largest platform where you to test and validate what you are saying to your market. So that I was reading about that, I, you’re frozen, but we have to edit. We have to edit. But I was reading about that 89 billion searches. That’s a lot of searches. And then I’m not sure how to get there, so if you start with [00:10:00] LinkedIn, which has a cut, because the, according to the c e o, the data is housed here in Virginia.

Ok. But the data is housed here in Virginia, but there are still ties to China, so you wanna be careful there because TikTok is, from what I’m understanding, on the basis of either being banned or severely limited. So it’s not a mature enough platform to have to focus. Your strategy on Google is mature enough and has the right tools, the data analytics tools, which by the way, are.

So that’s the caveat right there. It’s free to analyze the data, and the reason why people will say, oh, go to LinkedIn, go to this, go to that strategy, is because they’ve mastered one, and they’ve primarily mastered their content. So you see people like, Entrepreneurs and small business owners trying to master a platform.

But what they really need to do is master their content. And Google allows you to master your [00:11:00] content and then distribute it to other platforms. And it’s the largest data house that has the CAPA capabilities to do. So that’s why I always start with, like, crawl before you walk, and that’s why I always recommend Google first.

Either a Google or a Google product like YouTube, which is owned by Google. Ok, and that makes a lot of sense when you said, because start with Google or start with your website and. That’s difficult. And I would think that’d be part of the strategy is to say, ok, here’s the website. Do we need to focus on SEO o or do we need to focus on content? You need to focus on both. Both, ok. Both. Both. SEO and content go hand in hand. If SEO cannot. Survive, and thrive without organic content. And a really good s e o will be able to teach you how to create content, how to create that amazing outline that consistently keeps that lead generation flow.

That’s why they will pay a lot of l SEOs are very [00:12:00] comfortable in terms of lifestyle right now because one company will take them and what they have in their minds, they can create content. The program is phenomenal. So you really wanna focus on organic content because what organic allows you to do is it allows you to test and validate in the most inexpensive way. Ok. And that company will pay me 200,000, whatever because I can hire a writer. But you can’t really hire an SEO that’s, that knows the knowledge and knows how to make it work really well. You can’t; that’s not found every. And so what I would say is if you focus on creating amazing content with having your expertise, like for you, Glen, it’s leadership and all of that, you have amazing content online.

You have amazing podcasts. By the way, I’ve listened to a couple of them. Your podcast. It can actually live as an actual article. And there are so many tools that will allow you to shortcut the transcription method to have that living as an [00:13:00] actual blog. So now, each blog turns into a lead generation form for you, and that’s how you start building your tribe by really understanding what’s working and what’s not working.

And doing that with data allows you to get speed to market, and that’s what allows you to really. That’s been a challenge, I think, for a lot of other entrepreneurs and me. So like I said, I seriously said you’re gonna be coaching me, but I have some people who are dropping in, and I see they’re, they’re now who have some questions, and one of the biggest questions is search engines.

Google, if you look around in the hype right now, is Google’s under attack. Google May, no, may not be there in 10 or 15 years. I don’t think that’s true cause I think Google’s gonna be able to. Make the adjustments if they need to make the adjustments. Absolutely love this. What has switched in search engines? What’s, things have changed. I think you’ve mentioned that. Absolutely. So I’m sure your clients have heard your customers and everyone dropping in. They’ve heard about what happened in November of 2022. It’s [00:14:00] called a tool called to chat,gpt. It’s artificial intelligence, and it has absolutely changed the landscape of the way.

The early adopters are starting to do business. Yes. Lemme just give you some background on what, ok. Chat. GT is chat. G B T is a computer processing language. Ok. So it attempts to gather information and make a search engine quote-unquote because it doesn’t use data from a search engine. Ok? It uses other libraries.

It has its data resources, but it hasn’t paired with data from a search engine just yet. But what it does is it takes the text and it spits it out to us in a conversational format. Ok. Now, you can’t do that with a search, right? You still have to text, and you still have to use a video or a picture component to search, right?

You can’t do that yet. It’s not conversational yet, The reason why people are so concerned or saying that Google won’t exist anymore is because they really don’t understand that they’re two [00:15:00] fundamentally different things. Chat, G B T is a methodology of communication between a processing language like artificial intelligence and a human search engines.

What makes search engines powerful is not the fact that it’s, it doesn’t have artificial intelligence. What makes it powerful is its data. So right now, yeah, so right now when people say Google is going to go, Google is dead or things like that, what they don’t really understand is that Google’s business model is completely different than chat and GBT

Now, if they combine, they will chat, G B T is actually in conversation with Bing, which is another search engine that people probably use, Microsoft. Yeah. They’re with Microsoft right now. They are in conversations about merging together. Now, that will take Microsoft, which will make Microsoft very powerful.

But Google what makes Google powerful is not the fact that it’s a search engine. What makes it powerful is the access to [00:16:00] data that it has. Yeah, cause I was reading where they were saying that, this chat, g p t or whatever it is, even though they’re planning on the fourth iteration of it in March, April, sometime in there, it still doesn’t get information after 2021.

Yep. Absolutely. And that’s the specialty of a search engine. It’s more real time now than a chat g b T, but chat G B T will ultimately become real time, and this is why I say this is why I started my business, this is what jumped me outta corporate, is I saw the speed at which business. At the very top are trying to push this AI because it automates a lot of what we do.

I’m currently reading a book and I have it, it’s called COVID 19, the Great Reset by Carl Schwab. And he talks about it. He, was, he started the economic forum and so he has a lot of data in its brain, essentially. So what we are entering into and what businessmen [00:17:00] are understanding is, Businessmen are trying to push the narrative.

Data, adaptation. Ok. Technology adaptation and Covid 19 sped that up. But right now, as they try to piece together the pieces between how AI will work with a search engine, there is some gray area for a couple of people that didn’t really get the Covid 19 content splurge to come in and to take advantage of how of AI and the search engine to build their.

And so this is the reason why I am urgently hoping that business people like you, like that run a small business that are dependent on, that are dependent on, the online community to build their program, but that aren’t there quite yet. This is the perfect time because we will never have a moment like this in history.

Ok? I never have it. We will never have. Dust [00:18:00] settling moment for content creators like you, like everyone else, to build a community. Because right now, there are a lot of loose ends, right? And when there are loose ends, you can come in and take your pick. In strong. So is Covid 19 reset?

Is that the? I just typed it in really fast. Probably got it wrong, but is that it? Covid 19, the reset? Yes. Oh, the great reset. Ok. Ok. Covid, I wanna make sure we cover that. 19 The great reset. Absolutely. Absolutely. Ok. he has phenomenal gen here. That will give you the data behind what I’m saying.

And he also quotes the Google CEO, that basically stated that Covid 19 basically accelerated the digital transformation in a way that. That will last for generations to come. And that I, oh yeah, really second that the marketer. And as a human, you are probably a bit too. I have become aware of it for a couple of reasons. We were talking in class. I was doing. We were talking about, The difference between millennials and my generation and how my generation likes to tell people, [00:19:00] Hey, to special, tell the millennials, no, you can’t say anything till you’ve been here for, six years or six months, or something like that. And I said, that’s of really a dumb way to approach it because, and this was before this chat G B T thing, I might not think I will have to really adjust it.

Back when I was in college in this past century, when I was there, we were, I don’t know why means, I just enjoyed saying in the past century when I was in college in the last century, but we were gaining knowledge. The human knowledge was growing with double every 25 years. Then I went to every 13 years they say currently, and this was before the AI started taking out the fact it’s every 13 months.

The human knowledge level grows. It doubles. If that’s true, then that’s why chat. What is GPT Chat, and all these other things are gonna grow along with it? The question is, though, who’s gonna get behind it, as you said, and I think that’s why Google will never go away. Cause they got the money to get behind it themselves.

They’ll find some way. I did know that Microsoft [00:20:00] invested a billion dollars into the program. I do know it’s. Right now, it’s not a charge to it, but it’s costly. And when we start talking about the cost, that’s when we get outta this organic marketing thing. So to drive it back around to this organic marketing, first thing we wanna do is create great content for our website and for our, and get great SEO challenge.

If you are doing what you love.

It’s difficult to get, con not good content, but popular content, trending content. So as I do what I love and I talk about what I love, I look at other, some of the other channels, some of these big dogs and say, they’re not getting a whole lot either. Now they’re not getting the 13,000 views on YouTube and stuff.

Either I’m not getting it, or they’re not getting it. How do you adjust my mindset? So coach me on understanding what you love, or should I be looking at the looking for more trending keywords and things like that? First, it’s, your question is I’m gonna answer it in parts, but the [00:21:00] first thing is Yeah.

Cause many, and the first thing is, please don’t always go for vi virality. Speaking from the millennial generation looking upwards, you’re marketing downwards, right? You’re marketing to millennials in below, if Mel, but millennials are looking to the older generation, right? The generation that’s above millennials for your expertise.

So you don’t need to be trendy. We’re not expecting you to be trendy, right? And if you. Trying to be trendy. You first have to have a solidified message, and your message needs to be tested. This is why I always speak to Google because Google allows you to see the data analytics. It allows you to see what’s working, and when you understand what’s working, then you can go to another platform and then look for ways to connect to virality.

So I’ll give you an example. If I’m talking about organic marketing, and I understand that what TikTok prioritize is. , I call it, edutainment. It’s education mixed [00:22:00] with entertainment. If my ok. Content, if my content is not educational in nature, meaning it gets them a result, cuz that’s what millennials, gen Z looks like.

They’re looking for value. If it’s not value driven and then has a piece of entertainment, it flops. . So the recipe is education and entertainment, but if you don’t have a really succinct message that works in that you’ve tested and tried through the, I would say the Google funnel first, like a, like your website, cuz it’s most cost efficient to do it that way, then you don’t even know how to play in those other fields.

So what these other content creators have done is they’ve either spent an absorbent amount of time on TikTok, and they’ve mastered that one platform. If you scroll back, there’s very few people that will come on a, on a search algorithm or a social media algorithm and explode.

They’ve tested it. They’ve tested it, they’ve tested it, they’ve tested [00:23:00] their messages, and they’ve explored, and they’ve gotten their core, and then they’ve expanded from there. So that’s why I always don’t focus on it. The shiny object. I focus on the core messaging first and then help entrepreneurs like yourself.

I help them develop the messaging and understand the data behind what’s working and what’s not, and then once you have that solidified, everything else is golden for you. Everything else is just a matter of tweaking. Well, a lot of what I see, the number one mistake that I see that people make online, especially that who are trying to build their online community, especially of the age range of millennial and.

What you’re trying to do is you’re trying to tip and trick your way to success, and we all know that is going to be very difficult, if not near impossible, to do. You have to have a content strategy. You have to have a strategy. You need to either pay in time or pay in finances to understand.[00:24:00] 

how this online world works because once you do it once if you do it with the right person, it will accelerate your business times 10. But a lot of people try to. They go for the shiny object, right? They’re following the marketing person that says; I can get you a thousand leads today. It doesn’t work like you don’t have your content structure.

It doesn’t work. Ok. and that brings a question to my mind about the content structure. When we were using TikTok, I did one silly video, and I put it on TikTok and on YouTube, and they got over 1400 views. We’ve had nothing, and really some things are now starting to approach a hundred views that are the educational purposes.

And so if I’m reading you right and here you get to coach me again. Continue to build education with a little bit of entertainment. Absolutely build education and build entertainment, but once again, focus on your website. [00:25:00] There will be thousands of apps that pop up. Maybe not ones that have shined like TikTok, but there will be plenty of ads to come in and to take market.

Market space in. But if you have your core messaging down and you understand how it resonates, you understand what result it gives your audience and your consumers, then you can play with it on any platform. You can take it to TikTok, you can take it to YouTube shorts, you can take it to Instagram.

You can take it to any other platform because you have to see from the lenses of Google or from the lenses of every other platform. Ok. Every other platform is trying to make Google as much as they possibly can, cuz Google is Mount Everest. So every other platform is good way to think of that.

Trying to become, yes, every other platform. So now TikTok is good, but now YouTube shorts is great, right? So We have Spotify, right? A really great podcast place and, but now we also [00:26:00] have YouTube podcast. . That’s also a new development for YouTube. So, YouTube is owned by Google. That’s why I say YouTube. Yeah. As a Google platform. Google is mount Everest, and every other platform is doing its best to mimic Google. And if you can master Google, even at a slight percent, you have the chance of exploding Google go from a Z. What you need to do is figure out Google, even in a small capacity, test and learn, and then you go to LinkedIn, and then you go to the other things because those.

Algorithms, those search engines aren’t as developed as Google. They would like to be. They’re not, but they’re not there yet. Yeah. So that’s why I always say Google first, but they’re not there yet. Google first test and learn. Find what really works there and then your social media, because if you do it that way, you’ll waste.

If you do it another way, you’ll waste a lot of time. So now David is asking a good question cause he says he built [00:27:00] his Google presence on simply Selling himself as a speaker, coach, trainer. So that’s all his homepages. He has, funnels and stuff where he sells the books, things like that. But so great organic content means he needs to start telling stories.

There is that, that’s my definition of it, and absolutely you need to figure out what you saw for your consumer. What does leadership do for you? I’m using you as an example, Glen. What do you solve for your community? Ok. And then whenever you figure out whatever you solve, right? If I’m searching on Google, if I go to Google and I say, Hey, I am trying to lead a new team.

I’m very new to management. I have no idea how to lead a team of 10 people. I’m not as much as experience as my. How can Glen and his expertise take me from inexperienced to having the comfortability to speak to an audience that’s well out of my age range and manage [00:28:00] them? What leadership principles can Glen alone saw for me?

And then what you do is you hone in on that message. So that’s what you would do. But then on the back end, what Google is doing is you have an article and one person buys value in it. A couple of people find more value in it, a couple more people find more value in it. Now you can see, ok, this blog really worked because I gave my.

A point a, how to get from point A to point Z. So to piggyback to the question that was asked, it’s not that what you haven’t done, or the gentleman, I forget his name, I’m Yeah. David. Yeah, David. It’s not that David hasn’t done a great job with what he has. Absolutely. You can do a phenomenal job without Google, but what you’re missing is the core, right?

Because you can do a great job on LinkedIn, but you can fail on. . The reality of it is if you do a really good job on Google, you will [00:29:00] have your core message to make it easier to go into other platforms and succeed. I wanna know something, Glen, have you ever heard of an app called Canva? Yeah. Yeah. Yep.

Actually, we use that. Absolutely. Do you know how they got their start? How did they reach their community? If not, I dunno that. No, I dunno that at all. They built it through organic marketing. They built thousands of pages. A, answering their customer’s questions with a way to solve their problem, and now their valuation.

They’re a unicorn. They’re a billion-dollar company in a few short years. This is the power that organic marketing paired with SEO. can do for your business, ok? It’s a very simple product. It solves a very, so different, very simple solution. It makes Photoshopping easy, right? And they’ve answered a lot of different questions on the web.

They continue to attract the right people and now they [00:30:00] have a user base that’s large and then they’ve de platformed, they’ve taken it off of Google, cuz you can access them through. So that is how you use Google. Effectively. You’re trying to attract the right people into your atmosphere, ok.

And that’s what you, ok. You had me thinking now because, oddly enough, at the end of this month, I’m going to travel and teach a class for two days on how to be that new supervisor, new manager. But I don’t have any materials up. I don’t have any. Broadcast a podcast. Don’t have any written materials on that.

Although I’ve been teaching that for several years, I love the class. Cause it’s always cool to see people’s eyes light up. Oh yeah. That’s how I get crossing. This guy is twice my age. Yeah. So it’s cool to see that. But then I’m thinking, ok, maybe I have it. Cause we are doing a magazine. Ok. We’re putting together the magazine.

We’re not, I feel, like people. Like we’ll have a five-second splash at the end of this show saying, Hey, if you’re looking for a keynote speaker, go here and set up a quick meeting. And that’s the one called to action. We have, as far as that goes. But [00:31:00] what I think happens if people start to see that you’re valuable and worthwhile and you’re teaching things and you’re helping people, then they start coming to you.

You sound like you just back that up. I need to teach people things and give them solutions. Make it fun for ’em, and then back it up. That’s it. That’s it. That. All you are doing, you are bringing your unique expertise to the marketplace and then drawing in your people. You’re just teaching them.

That’s it. That’s why I always say, oh my goodness. There is phenomenal opportunity for the generation that’s above millennials because you guys actually have the expertise. You’ve been around the block. You understand the inner workings of how things work. So what we can do in 13. , it doesn’t really compute to what you’ve understood.

You’ve seen the landscape change, and that’s what we need. Mm. But you also need a way to reach us, and because we are on a search, you have to reach us where we are. And that’s right. That’s the importance of reaching your consumer where they are and [00:32:00] understanding that. And that’s why I preach that’s most important.

Yes. That’s why I preach organic marketing, and there are so many. That makes it the easiest that it will ever be today. There are so many tools. Yeah. Yeah. There are so many tools to do that. So yeah, you guys are in a phenomenal position. Like gr Glen, there are so many posts in your, or so many of your podcasts that can be turned into blog posts.

And you can see that that benefit in a month, two months, you can really understand, ok, this is what’s resonating. This is what’s not resonating. And then, you can tweak it, and then you can start attracting leads to your website. Ms. Shabu, that’s why you’re here. That’s the coaching that we look for, the solutions we look for.

Cause when you said that earlier, it dawned. Gosh, I have, I’ve been paying for Otter AI and it can transcribe all those. All I have to do is transcribe them and if my assistant doesn’t have time, which I don’t want to have time, I’d rather for do other things, but I can sit down on an airplane and format them.

See, I’m not gonna change ’em. [00:33:00] Yeah. Because it’s a conversation. So yeah. We may say, 10 times, but so what? It’s a conversation. That’s how the conversation goes. Absolutely. Absolutely. Trans, I could, that’s one piece of content. If I did that for as long as I’ve been doing this, now I could have one piece of content until next.

Monday, Friday to next year. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. That is exactly what the big companies do is saturate with education because when, whenever someone solves a problem for you, you remember them. So it’s ok, if I’m seeing Credit Karma every single way that I go for financial products, I know Credit Karma’s.

Quote unquote, their brand is screaming trustworthy to me. So now I trust you. So now, when I wanna put in my information, I go online, and I put my information in. Credit Karma doesn’t actually provide you with a product? No. They do the research. Yeah. Yeah. They get the attention, build trust, and then they put you to a person that’s their partner, and they get a piece of the pie.

So it’s very, when you think about it, it’s ok, I can do that too. Can provide a. [00:34:00] in many different formats for my customers and then bring them in and then teach them my way of doing things and then get them the end result. So that’s the power behind it. Ok. And here’s the question for you, A different question for you along the same lines, because the content is education.

I forget what you called it, but it’s education and entertainment at the same time. What’s it called? Education. Education. Education, entertainment, education, education. Ok. So you gotta love that because that says something. But what about a call to action? Coach me on that. Do I need to be making cause we’re thinking about just doing a bunch of just one minute? If you think about the Nike commercials, you don’t even know Nike did it till the very end when their swoosh. Absolutely. But it’s all about making you feel good. Is that content? Are that ads? Is that something you would suggest you add on, or should we just because that would go on Google? Of course, but I don’t know.

Coach me. Yeah. So when it comes to c t a, you wanna provide your customers, you wanna provide them [00:35:00] with the best experience. Google just did an update and, it, it’s to their core environment and what they’ve prioritized for this year. They did an update on December 31st, I believe, of this, of 2022, and it’s called experience.

So they are now prioritizing experience, meaning, Glen, whenever you have a blog post, you want to give your customer the best experience. You don’t wanna give them a fragmented solution, right? You can only do so much with a blog post. So when you think about it, what is the next best step for the customer to take to fulfill?

The rest of that solution. It’s, of course, signing up to be in your, whatever your broadcast on your email list, on your newsletter you’re signing. You want them to sign up because you want to give them the best experience so they can keep coming back to your website. Cuz they’re like, Glenn is just, he’s just giving me all the value.

He’s in my email box, giving me so much value. He’s in mine. On the search giving me value, then now you can start to parlay into [00:36:00] YouTube because YouTube is owned by Google is owned by YouTube. And the search equity that you build in Google actually parlays into YouTube. Because Google is, it’s moving into a multi-modular experience, meaning they’re going to have different kinds.

Experiences on their website, text, video, picture, et cetera, chat all that now. So all that equity that you have from your website actually starts to transfer into YouTube, and that’s how you build that symbiotic relationship between your website, between your YouTube, and then you start. Ok, yes, you want to provide a CTA, want to provide CTA on YouTube, but also on the not.

Both of ’em actually, but I’m starting to realize that if I have something built on YouTube, it’s on my website because Google, like I said, owns YouTube, so why not just also post it on the website or list the link to Absolutely. Your name, your brand gets equity every time you feed [00:37:00] into your brand online, it gets, that’s what it feels like.

Equity. A, there’s a thing called digital real estate. It’s a very, I, there’s, where you buy, let me just Clear the thought first. You buy, and you sell it. I follow a guy. he’s one of my colleagues. I don’t really know him, but he’s in my spear, the organic spirit.

He’s really good at what he does. We’re in the same circle, and he saved up 40,000 pounds cuz he’s in the UK, 40,000 pounds. He said he was gonna buy his first home, but he chose to buy a website first. I. It’s digital. Yeah, it’s; he can flip that website because he has that information on how to do it.

He can flip a website and sell it and make 500,000 by the end of a year and two years. , there’s very little properties. Brilliant that you that much money. Absolutely. Absolutely. So this is the kind of power that you have with Once you know how to build that equity into your website, then you can go [00:38:00] in and your name in the Google database.

Every time someone mentions Glens Glen David. Daniel Glen Daniels, excuse me, Glen, no problem. Glen Daniels essential pod, essential leadership skills. Every time that is correlated together, Google is giving you equity. They’re giving you that credibility. And so now when you go to another platform, you already have equity.

So that’s the power of Google. Funny, I listen to that just the other day where they’re saying this experience, Google’s after, now Google. Cuz somebody was don’t use any of these. AI things when you’re doing something for Google cause they is dinging for it and the other person said no.

Look at their terms of, the algorithm, their terms said as long as you’re giving value and they’re getting something from it, they don’t ding you for it. But if you’re just putting stuff out there, absolutely. But the, what you just said kind makes a lot of sense. It rings true to me now because, what you’re saying.

This is the power of coaching. Know this, but you’re coaching me to remember this. Suppose I put 30 articles out there, which was my intent starting just a week ago on emotional [00:39:00] intelligence. Who’s gonna be the experience? Who’s gonna be the expert? Emotional intelligence. Ok, so between articles and videos, and since they’re all part of the same family, who’s gonna become that ex?

Who’s gonna become that person that they serve up first? Exactly. Ok, so now I wanna be respectful of your time, so I gonna and ask you upfront right now, can we get you back again? Because I think something that came up to me that I had noticed that, the c e o of, Microsoft said, and it was talking about KPIs key performance syndicators, and those things are found in. Google Analytics. Yep. So I’d like to schedule some time in the future when you can coach us all on how to create KPIs on our Google Analytics. So this is what we should be looking for. It’s not necessarily for me, and it’s not necessarily gonna be subscribers. Absolutely. I’m beginning to think it’s more how much view time we are putting in, getting in, not subscribers. Ok. it could be subscribers, though, but. That’s a different thing. So I wanna talk to you [00:40:00] about that in the future. But I also wanna ask you a question cause I want to be respectful of everybody’s time and your time especially.

What major points have we missed that, if we had you come back, you would give? I would pr. I would give. What we’ve missed is really, like you said, diving into how to move the needle. We know the warning signs. Why a presence matters. Yes. Now, how do we move the needle? How do we, what do we focus on?

What tools, because tools shortcut time that get, make you more efficient and they make you more profitable. What tools that you need to use? Like you said, what metrics are most important? , I’m an anti-US marketer. That’s the only way that I’ve been able to be successful is by really focusing on the things that move the needle, the KPIs that move the needle.

Ok. so that’s most important. Google Analytics has changed its interface, so it’s not going to look the same as in June, I believe of this year. Yeah, that’s true. Is confusing. Yeah. [00:41:00] Yeah. So what do you need to pay attention to? And it’s not a lot. There are a lot of things that you can do for very few KPIs.

The KPIs that really move the needle for you, and then the tools. So that’s really what we’re missing from today is the tools, and one other thing is the mindset, the mindset shift that you need to adapt in order to succeed. And that’s what we’re missing. Yeah.

Cause we did really just basically cover why we should be doing this. So let me drill just a bit deeper. What questions should I have asked? About why we should be doing this that I didn’t ask you. What’s making you, I would say, your generation unsuccessful online? That would be the question.

Cuz that’s one thing that I didn’t get to address today that is what’s making you guys unsuccessful. Ok. Online because you have on, yeah. , you have to go ahead. Gimme the answer. , I have all my stuff online. Ok. The answer is you guys are piecemealing. Whenever you guys take a strategy, follow one person, follow two people, three [00:42:00] at max, but don’t piecemeal. Focus on your base of content, and structure your content really well. Your website is your first lead generation.

If you do that well, then you can do everything else well. Don’t do it piecemeal, and don’t focus on tips and tricks first. Focus on a tried and true strategy first, and then use the tips and tricks to accelerate. Don’t focus on social media, don’t focus on any of that. First, focus on. Core content strategy first because that is the base of everything.

That is, the foundation of your home is your content and your strategy for how your content delivers value. Boy, you got me really thinking about this now. I missed that boat. Haven’t just thought about all the content and things I have up now. Everything we’re putting together on YouTube, these podcasts.

Yeah. Your podcast alone could be broken enough into two or three different [00:43:00] blogs. Ok. Absolutely. Then if I get lucky enough to get you back again, how many more blogs can we get from that? I’m talking about not just blogs or just filling up space, but blogs that are given information. Yep. That’s. got me really thinking about how we make this work for every leader out there. Everybody who wants to get out there, even these super large companies, is having a hard time figuring out how do we do this. I don’t wanna talk about myself. I’m not, and I don’t wanna talk about you either.

I wanna know. Yeah. What can you help me with? You’re an agency encyclopedia. Just think of yourself that. And allow everyone to touch base with how you solve a problem. Every time you touch base with them, it should be about how you solve a problem. Ok. And then one more coaching question for me, then I’ll let you have the last word and run.

But what about Google and nature, cause I wasn’t aware that you had done a little bit of research, so you know the nature of what we’re trying to do. Yes. But how many blog posts should I be posting once a [00:44:00] week? I know it should be consistent, I believe. But can I just ask you a reverse question before I ask you?

Sure. We’re gonna use it as a live coaching moment. What are your goals? What do you want to what? What is the number one thing that you want to do? I want to make sure that my company is a legacy. I wanna make sure that after I’m gone, we’re still continuing down the road. Ok? We’re still growing, we’re still, and we’re still putting people to work.

I want the content to be a legacy. So people say, ok, yeah, you know what he taught. 30 years ago. He wrote the book 30 years ago. He did that 30, 40, or 50 years ago. But it still applies. So great examples, thinking Grow Rich. that book was written in 1930. Yep. And it’s still been recommended by the top business people in the world.

And I still recommend it. Yes. That’s the legacy I want to build. How fast do you wanna do it? You know what, as long as I know it, I tell, you know what, tomorrow, how? Tomorrow. Tomorrow? Truthfully, I wanted to get it done fast because I think just my own personal belief is that leaders are what’s gonna get this world into better shape if we get [00:45:00] better leaders.

The better shape you’re gonna be in, even if you’re just leading a team at fast food restaurant. Yep. If you’re a good leader, maybe that person walks out with more confidence at the end of the shift, fills in better than the shift, goes home, and treats his family and children better at the end of the shift because it doesn’t feel pick.

I love that mission. Personally, I’ve left companies where my leader wasn’t really invested in me. I’ve left it, and they still wanted me back. And I’m like. I’m not coming back until you get that handled. Yeah. But that’s what, so speed. of action and I’m very careful. so those who have written, who have written, who read a couple of my books, they know when it comes to goal setting, I don’t really believe in this ideal of setting it for six months, seven months, nine months, five years. Because you don’t know what you’re capable of. Absolutely. So how can I put a timeline on something I don’t know what I’m capable of? That’s good. So when you ask me how fast, I think that we should be generating leads inbound. By March. Ok. I think that we should have many articles and [00:46:00] transcripts and things up.

I think we should have just way more than what’s predicted for this type of company. I think we should be able to outpace some of the top people out there right now. So I would, sorry, go ahead. No, I wanna interrupt. No, you’re good. Cause I’m, I was gonna say, so go. What can you do with that? So go. I would say seven good pieces of content per month.

Ok. And I would say deep, not wide. If you have the expertise, your core umbrella expertise is in leadership. You pick a subtopic, and you answer that question really deeply. You go deeper than anyone else in the marketplace. Your answer, you obviously, you’re going to match what’s out there in the. I always use the top three results.

I always use the word count. , and then I see how deep they’ve gotten. And I try not to go maybe 200 words above because I want to still align with the experience that other high performers are giving them. But I’m [00:47:00] gonna answer their questions as deeply as possible. And you, as you said, Glen, you just give me you, you gave me a unique perspective to think about my goal setting.

So I would provide that in every single article. I would go very deep and answer their question in a way that’s unique. And then I would do seven of those very deep articles, those pillar articles. And if you want, you can build sub-articles for each of the seven articles. So I would say seven articles per month from now until March.

And focus on those being your pillar topics. Make them very deep and comprehensive, and then add to that with another blog post. So if a person wants to click on more to learn more about a specific topic, you go to the next topic. I’m giving you guys some really good strategies here. I Oh, you really are.

You really are. So, with that said, what are you doing right now? You help, you helped me. But what are you doing right now? If someone wanted to get a hold of you and say, ok, I need your [00:48:00] help. Are you doing any coaching or speaking? What are you doing right now? How do we get ahold of you for yours?

Absolutely. So right now, you can go to profitable with, or you can go to my LinkedIn, OEA Shembo. There will be a link there for you. Yep. But profitable. With search, I teach a course. Called, like I said, profitable, which is where I’m teaching you the core strategy of how to maximize Google.

We are focusing only on Google products for right now because that’s the biggest need right now is to maximize on Google. We will also be teaching you how to use chat, G B T, and other AI tools to speed up your go-to-market. So meaning we’re teaching you a little bit of, we’re giving you the speed component to it.

We’re matching you with the AI tools as well, so it’s very comprehensive. Um, and it’s gonna get you. We have a traffic-back guarantee right now. You’re not gonna find that anywhere else because of my experience. , I’m able [00:49:00] to serve you that guarantee because I know what I’m doing in this field. So we have that traffic back guarantee of 25%, we guarantee a 25% increase in traffic in the next four to six months of the right traffic for you, or you don’t pay at all.

So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m not working on a one-on-one basis because I just feel like there’s just so more of my passion is working. It is getting people off of the ground and one-on-one at this current time just is really heavy on my plate. It doesn’t work. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t do one-on-ones ever.

I never tried it for a while, but I don’t do one. Ok. So now, Liz, gentlemen, of course, in the notes. And in the blog, we’re gonna transcribe hers as soon as it’s ready. So we’re gonna, it should be ready in a couple of hours. We’re gonna transcribe it and look for that to be on our blog. No, you know where we are, but you’re also gonna have information for Ms.

Shambu, ok. So that you can go ahead and contact her, I think you guys, if you’re like me, you’re gonna contact it. And you notice I didn’t ask her for the price I have in other folks. I don’t. [00:50:00] I don’t care if we’re gonna work something out together and, cause we need the content help. Yes. Yes. Last words before you give your last words, lemme just say thank you very much for the time, and I appreciate you so much.

Thank you. Thank you so much, Glenn. I really appreciate you, and I’m so glad that you have this podcast. I believe it’s going to help so many people, so I’m grateful, and I honor your time as well. Thank you. Thank you.