Where are we going as an organization?

Allow the employee to discuss in their own words the direction that the organization is heading in. Allow them to tell you the direction and mission of the company.

Where are you going?

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Listen to the answer given so that you may discover if their goals and ambitions are in alignment with your organization.  By listening to your direct reports, you are able to measure their level of engagement with your organization.

What do you think you are doing well?

This will allow your direct reports to discuss the things that they are proud of.  Let them share the focus and success of the organization.

This may also be an opportunity to help your direct report with their EQ (self-assessment)

What are some suggestions you have for improvement?

Listen to them. Remember your direct reports will have a different view of needed improvements then you. These insights will be valuable.

How can I help you more?

This simple question is considered by many as the most powerful question you can ask your direct reports.  One of many benefits is that by asking this question you are building trust.

What suggestions do you have for me to be a better manager?

This is the last question and it is suggested that you ask all six questions in order.  By keeping them in the order presented you will build loyalty, trust and productivity.  By the time you ask the last question, your direct report will be much more likely to share productive feedback for you.

Create a Dream Team by asking questions!