Uber has lost its license to operate in London – one of its biggest markets globally – for the second time in two years. 

The loss of Uber’s license to operate in London is a warning to all businesses across our planet. Wharton professor Gad Allon shares a dire thought when he states. “If Uber falls short on providing guardrails for its customer, that has to do with its culture.”

Professor Allon talks directly about one aspect of a failed culture at Uber the culture of being a startup. “You want to keep an entrepreneurial culture as much as you can, but this notion that you can get into a city, just do things and then see how they evolve later on, in terms of also having casualties, potentially, and having issues around harassment of, definitely cannot be sustained.”

Maybe another way to look at this is that it is time for Uber to grow up.  What about your organization?