If you want to be an effective leader, you need to be able to hold your direct reports accountable. One of the best ways to do this is by using open-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow direct reports to provide feedback and give them a sense of ownership over their work. When used correctly, open-ended questions can help you identify issues early on and prevent them from becoming more significant problems. This post will discuss the critical skill of holding your direct reports accountable with open-ended questions!

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Creating Open-Ended Questions Require Thought


When used correctly, open-ended questions can be a powerful tool for holding your direct reports accountable. As a leader, it is vital to learn how to effectively use open-ended questions to get the most out of your team. Here are a few tips:

-Ask specific and targeted questions that will elicit useful information from your direct report.

-Listen carefully to the answers and follow up with additional questions if necessary.

-Encourage honest feedback by creating a safe and open environment where direct reports feel comfortable speaking up.

You can learn to use open-ended questions to hold your direct reports accountable and get the most out of your team by following these tips.

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Don’t Be Old School

What are your thoughts on the role of open-ended questions as a leader?