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5 Steps To Being More Courageous As We Return To Work

5 Steps To Being More Courageous As We Return To Work

Choosing Courage is a new book by Jim Detert, a Professor at the University of Virginia's Darden The lack of courage percolates through every organizational level, but so do positive examples if we only open our eyes to look for them. Words such as ‘be loyal,’ ‘be a team player,’ or ‘don’t rock the boat’ encourage us to conform and not challenge the status quo. As I previously reported in Forbes, there is a difference between being a dreamer and an achiever. If you want to become more courageous, you cannot just read or think about it; you need to do it regularly and make it a habit. You need to learn to be comfortable benign uncomfortable. People choose courage for two reasons; they want to cement their legacy or avoid regret. Some of the small steps Detert recommends to increase your courage barometer include taking on stretch assignments, owning bold initiatives, and innovating within or beyond one’s current organization. Detert outlines a five-step process to learn how to be more courageous: Create the right conditions People prefer to work with those who they know, like, and trust. Developing those factors with your colleagues is a critical first step. Do whatever you can to avoid feeling financially or emotionally handcuffed to your current situation so that it provides you with greater flexibility and freedoms. There is always risk involved with courageous acts, so maximizing job security or the ability to exit safely is paramount. Choose your battles There simply is not enough time or energy to take on every opportunity. As I previously wrote for Forbes, determining your goals and...

Mastermind Alliance The true power behind success

The Mastermind Alliance principle happens when two or ore people who work in harmony, without competition toward a purpose creates an amazing result. You will find yourself accomplishing more in one years time than you could in a lifetime without being a part of a Mastermind Alliance. We will help you discover how to make that statement true for yourself in this three part series.

Discover the Practical Benefits and Guaranteed Results of Using “Balls” with David Suson

Discover the Practical Benefits and Guaranteed Results of Using “Balls” with David Suson

GlennGreetings, everyone, Glenn Daniels with Touch Stone PublishersToday we are going to discuss sales skills and techniques when it comes to Leadership. Great. I'm so excited to have as our first guest as we reprise our podcast today, David Suson DavidHey, thank you, Glenn, for having me. I so appreciate it. GlennI'm pleased to have known you for a few years. So right off the bat, what is the nonprofit organization's benefit for tuning in today? What does a High-Performance Sales Expert bring to the table? DavidAs the sales performance expert, what I do is I take my 25 plus years of sales and sales leadership experience, and I sell to help other organizations and individuals to be able to actually implement the kind of skills and techniques that they learn. And the reason I call it a Sales Performance is it truly is about how do I perform. It's not just for me, I have read a book on sales and then more sales books, I have read about Leadership and then more Leadership books, and then I still don't know it. The reality is like, we don't decide if others are gonna share what they learn and use as part of who we want to be. This information is not just probably one book reading or a one-day workshop or one-day seminar. So, what I learned is that in order to create sustainable change, it really takes work and a plan. You're going to enjoy this hand-holding and feedback over time. My best analogy of this is golf. I could probably teach you how to swing the...

How to Deal with Anxiety in Just 3 Breaths

How to Deal with Anxiety in Just 3 Breaths

You're reading How to Deal with Anxiety in Just 3 Breaths, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Breathing may be a key to success! Anxiety is a common daily struggle for many. With constant work stress along with competition and comparison fueled by social media, anxiety has become somewhat of a social “norm” in our modern society. In the United States alone, anxiety affects approximately 40 million adults between the ages of 18 to 54, mostly in stressful work and school environments. Many turn to medicine and doctors, which might seem like the easiest solution. But, what about those who are looking for more independent ways to manage anxiety? Are there easy and practical ways to do so, and do they really work? The answer is a resounding YES, and it’s as easy as taking three mindful breaths. Anxiety’s Relationship with Your Breath Did you know that anxiety is directly related to the way you breathe? Anxiety is an emotional symptom that can be exacerbated or relieved by how you manage your breath. Think about it: when you’re having an anxiety attack, your breathing is very shallow and fast, right? On the other hand, when you’re calm and relaxed, how is your breathing then? When your mind is stimulated by an arousing emotion (anxiety, in this case), it triggers a chain of responses that turn on your fight-or-flight (sympathetic) nervous system that quicken your breath. When you’re calm and relaxed, however, your brain turns on the rest-and-digest (parasympathetic) nervous system that naturally...

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