Recently, I posted an article on LinkedIn concerning time management and how an article on LinkedIn said Time Management was a waste of time.

Now when I first looked at the title, I said let me read this because that is totally against what I believe to be true. The more I read the article, the more I start to realize that the material was precisely what I’ve been saying. Time management is a waste of time if you do not apply it correctly.

Time management is a skill and technique that is required. For us to become great leaders, we need to have the art of Time Management handled. We need to have the power of Time Management in place for us to be great leaders. We need to have the art of time management in place. Time Management is an Art!

I thought today I’d write a real quick blog and share with you one of many essential starting points of time management, and that is called the Top Three. Again, this is just basic time management and comes from one of many systems. But I think you’ll discover that if you can apply the Top Three here, you will be in great shape.

To create the Top Three, you must be able to answer this question. What are your Top Three KPI’s? How do you know that you’ve done an excellent job? How does your boss know you’ve done an excellent job? How does the company stockholders, the investors, the buyers know you have done a great job?

What are the Top Three things that you need to do to succeed? Again, if you don’t know what they are, then go, sit down with your boss. We need to ask better questions.

Social Media expert may have the following Top Three responsibilities:

Create a daily podcast.

Two live videos

25 Tweets.

These three KPI’s will be accomplished every single day. If, as your leader, I was telling you this, you would have to ask more specific questions. How long will each podcast average? What is the subject matter I’m covering every single day? How do we decide if the podcast is good? Is it engagements and likes? Should I put more effort into content quality or Brand awareness? It would help if you had all these answers and more to accomplish your KPI’s.

You need clarity.

You need to know precisely what your leader is looking for so that you can understand what to focus on.

Here’s something you may find interesting. This is only the start of the art of Time Management. And it is an art.

Here’s how you put this into play. I’m going to suggest that you block off on your calendar your Top Three KPI’s.

Maybe you can plan on spending one hour each day on each of your KPI’s. Block the time on your calendar and let everything else fill up around your KPI’s.

Oh, so much more to discuss. I will share more shortly. But my block of time is up!