Brandon what is it about you, your TEDx Speech, or your company that sets you apart from others

Brandon Smith:

Well, the short version is somewhat what you kind of mentioned, It is an interesting background of being both a practicing Therapist as well as a Coach. And I’ve got both a Clinical Therapy degree and an MBA. So it’s my version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. So it really is about figuring out how we work with people more effectively, because, you know, we’re human beings, we’re kind of a messy bunch. And whenever you throw a bunch of people together in a room and say, Go cheap, something, inevitably, someone’s gonna step on someone’s toes, someone’s gonna throw an elbow and bloody someone’s nose. So I really work hard to help us eliminate that. So we can work a little bit more smoothly together. So so my tip, my TED Talk is all about combating negative emotions in the workplace, and about how emotions are contagious in the workplace. But I do the same kind of work when I’m working with either individual leaders or teams or organizations. So maybe that’s a long answer to your question, Glenn. But I think that’s probably what makes me a little bit different. art